cutera enlighten tattoo removal


Cutera Tattoo Removal Technology

Enlighten works by directing a beam of light on the area in extremely short pulse durations. It employs both picosecond and nanosecond technology (2 nanoseconds and 750/660 picoseconds) to efficiently target different colors and types of ink using three laser wavelengths. The high-peak-power and ultra-short pulse duration break up the tattoo pigments without causing damage to the skin around it.The Enlighten works by firing a beam of light through the skin in extremely short pulses. The light is absorbed by the tattoo ink creating a reaction that breaks the ink down into very tiny particles.

The particles are removed over time by macrophages who carry off these fragments of ink.The Enlighten uses both picosecond and nanosecond technology to break up different types and colors of ink. Because each pulse is so short (typically 25 billionths of a second) and is targeted directly onto the pigment, there is normally no lasting damage to the skin or surrounding tissue. The whole procedure is repeated several times, usually at four to six weekly intervals, so allowing time for the body to remove as much pigment as possible.