Chemical Peel


Remove Dull, Damaged Skin

Chemical peels might sound intimidating, but they don’t have to be. Chemical peels exfoliate dead skin cells and help healthy skin cells rise to the surface — allowing deeper layers of fresh and untouched skin to be revealed. The result of monthly treatments can even skin tone, clear acne, improve the appearance of aging skin, and make dull complexions glow.

Is a chemical peel right for me?

Peels are safe for all skin types. If you have concerns about your skin and want to improve your tone, texture, fine lines/wrinkles, breakouts, or dark spots, a chemical peel is a great option for you.

What can I expect from my chemical peel?

When you think of a chemical peel, you might be thinking of a raw, red, irritated face post-treatment. New technology allows you to leave your appointment with a healthy glow and little to no irritation. No downtime!

When will I notice my results?

The post-peel reality is a glowing, healthy complexion. While you may experience mild irritation, redness, and perhaps some sloughing (a shedding of the top layer of skin), following a post-procedure regimen can help to enhance your results. Peak results are typically observed 5-7 days after treatment.


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